Annikin Runofestivaali 2018 - Vapaa on vain umpihanki!

Annikin Runofestivaali

Annikki Poetry Festival 9 June 2018 in Tampere, Finland

This year’s Annikki Poetry Festival is over now. What a day! Eleven incredibly rich hours of world-class poetry, literature, visual arts and music... And the sun! Words are not enough to express the gratitude we have for our wonderful performers, dedicated audience and tireless volunteers! Thankfully, we can revisit the highlights of the festival by viewing the photos and videos. Stay tuned! The first set of festival photos has already been published!

This year, on 9 June 2018, Annikki Poetry Festival was celebrating its 15th birthday as well as people who go their own way in literature and culture. The theme was 'On Roads Less Traveled'. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the festival put together a hugely impressive Finnish and international programme.

In 2003, the residents of Annikki Wooden Quarter in Tampere founded a poetry event in their yard. Since then, Annikki Poetry Festival has developed into one of Finland’s most significant poetry events and original cultural festivals. It has also spawned Annikki OFF, a three-day series of events around the city. Annikki Poetry Festival is organised by volunteers every two years. The next festival will be held in June 2020.